Peace out beezyfaces (sort of)

It’s that time of the year again.  Finals period’s finally gotten into gear, and it’s very likely that you’re reading these words during one of your hourly (well… let’s be real… more like five-minute-ly) breaks from studying. Like you, we at BlogDailyHerald have papers to BS, exams to cram for, and projects to slough off on our group members. And, after writing about drugs, sex and furbies for the entire semester, as well as wasting a ton of your time, it might be time for us to buckle down and git ‘er done.

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to welcome our two new Deputy Managing Editors for next semester, Jenny Bloom ’12 and Talia Kagan ’12, to the BlogDailyHerald editing team.  While this announcement unfortunately means that we will be saying goodbye to the likes of Thea Aguiar ’13 and Alicia Chen ’12, as the former goes abroad and the latter writes a thesis, we could not be more excited to have Jenny and Talia on board.

Now, don’t stray too far!  We’ll still be here with regular study breaks, breaking news, and finals period mischief to help you get through this stretch of mild to severe unpleasantness.  We will also be posting sporadically as things catch our eye.

Lastly, this wouldn’t be a true end of the semester post without a little sentimental piece, so here it goes: We really want to thank all of you for making BlogDailyHerald the huge success that it is. We have grown immensely in the past year, entirely due to the genuine interest and involvement of our readers.  As we look forward to Fall 2011, we can’t stress enough how grateful we are to all of you and how important your input is to the site.  Tweet at us, shoot us an email (blog(at), or write to us on Facebook, and let us know what you like/don’t like about BlogDH and/or what you would like to see more of in the semesters to come.

This blog post is so titled for our earth mother and former blog czar, Ellen Cushing ’10.


  1. Ellen Cushing '10

    I am so motherfucking proud of you guys.

  2. lizbeth

    If you are so successful with huge student invlovement, it certainly does not show in comments, which are almost zilch. You need to be less cute, much less cute, factual, sexy, grown.

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