More bike parking coming to campus

Bikes locked to the railings on the walkway to Grad Center

Does this scene — a bike locked to a railing, tree, or other object — look familiar?

There is no shortage of bikes on campus, but there is a shortage of places to park them, resulting in the all-too-common sight above. Locking bikes to things like railings can cause all sorts of problems, so more bike racks will be installed over the summer. They should provide room for about 110 more bikes, Paul Dietel, director of project management for Facilities, told us in an email.

The locations will be: Grad Center upper terrace, the entrance to Wriston between Chapin and Harkness, Goddard, University Hall, Sayles Hall, Salomon, Arnold Lab, Lincoln Field Building, the SciLi, BioMed Center/Sidney Frank (next to the Walk), 111 Brown Street, and Machado House. (All will be outdoors.)

If not locked correctly, bikes can go missing. So please make sure you know how to lock a bike the right way.

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