Time-waster of the day: September 5, 2011

Aaaand we’re back! Time-waster of the Day is here again with daily links to the BlogDH staff’s favorite procrastination sites. Click through at your own risk— you might just see the hours slip away as you’re trying to get your work done. So let’s get started:

Today we present you with 27bslash6. The idea behind this site is simple. It’s a compilation of email and print exchanges from the life of David Thorne, an Australian humor writer. In the abstract, such a collection might sound quite dull, but Thorne’s complete disregard for others’ attitudes towards him quickly shifts these dialogues from the commonplace to the absurd. His natural wit helps, too.

This blogger’s favorite pages from the site are Overdue Account, Missing Missy and Party in Apartment 3. Everything there is pretty great, though. Enjoy!

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