Mocha held under Imperius Curse?

Mysterious happenings at Hogwarts Brown.

While perusing Mocha with a few other BlogDailyStaffers yesterday, we came across a perplexing addition to the HIST1976P: Seeing/Reading/Making Brown page–
Confused by the incongruous addition of the 7th and final book in the Harry Potter series to the otherwise seemingly accurate reading list, we consulted the professor for the course, Jane L. Lancaster, resident Brunonia historian.  Her response? “I ordered no such thing!!” Definitely mysterious, but a dead end.  That is, until we came across the mystical listing on two more class pages:

Huh?  “The wand chooses the wizard” but who chose this reading list?


  1. David Winer

    That clinches it. I’m so taking HIST1460 now.

  2. Sorry for the issue, folks. The problem was both introduced and fixed by our automatic process that retrieves book information from Amazon. It appears to have resolved itself without our intervention, which suggests a problem on the Amazon side, not Mocha’s, but we’re continuing to look into that. Again, our apologies for the misinformation!

    — Dave Pacheco ’07

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