Time-waster of the day: September 9, 2011

Every once in a while, BlogDH presents a time-waster that’s kind-of related to an obscure ‘news’ story only college kids care about. If you can’t already tell by the video, today’s time-waster is one of the most loved and revered SNL skits of all time: “Schweddy Balls” (including an intro that shows just how far Alec Baldwin’s looks have fallen since his mid-nineties heyday). The ‘news,’ on the other hand, may be slightly more interesting than remembering Ana Gasteyer ever existed, since it’s Ben and Jerry’s news – and who can honestly say that they don’t like 2000 calorie pints of frozen confections? In honor of the fabled SNL skit, Ben and Jerry have decided to take vanilla ice ream with rum and malt balls and name it “Schweddy Balls” (like balls, get it?). Let’s just hope this doesn’t suffer the same fate as 1987’s “Economic Crunch” or 2001’s “Urban Jumble.”

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