Blog’s Declassified Frosh Survival Guide: Pwning Online Life at Brown

As college students, a seemingly-absurd-to-anyone-over-the-age-of-30 amount of our time is spent online.  No  one really has homework yet so procrastination hasn’t fully kicked into high gear, but come finals, the interwebs can be a savior during long SciLi nights.

That said, the internet can also be used to enhance and supplement your life here at school. So we figured we would teach you the tricks for pwning your online, and in turn actual, life at Brown.  Your first step was making your way to BlogDailyHerald, so kudos! Here are the next ten:

1.   Brown_EZ and Brown_Secure. We’re not going to walk you through the byzantine steps of logging onto Brown-Secure. It’s like high school: we did it once, and we’re not sure how, but luckily we’ll never have to again. (Too soon, Class of 2015?)  Once you successfully connect to Brown-Secure, you might think you will never require Brown_EZ again. HOW WRONG YOU ARE.

Brown_EZ is your personal ticket for circumventing watching limits on Megavideo and Videobb. Simply switch from Brown_Secure to Brown_EZ when your 72 minute limit is up halfway through that second True Blood episdoe. Then switch right back 72 minutes later. Then back again.  Then back. Then back again. Then Loui’s.

2. Spotted At Brown.  There are some gems, but most of it is just Facebook statuses without accountability. For a little less SciLi, a little more mystery, and a lot more Dunkin’ Donuts, may we suggest Missed Connections: Rhode Island?

3. Brown FML. Started in the heyday of the FMyLife craze, this kinda funny bitchfest does feature neat acronyms FTW MLIBDH!

4. A less widely-known source for Brunonian online intelligence? The Brown Subreddit.  Conversation topics include Brown memes and good College Hill restaurants . Sample comment: “does tech house have wild sex like the other co-eds?”

5. The Brown Twitterverse. We’ve had to say goodbye to PrezRuthSimmonsDean Kathy B and Davey K (IRL too! sadface.), though luckily Gaiiiiiil is still with us. Still, there are plenty of other worthy accounts to be following. Besides the obvious, food establishments The Blue Room, the Gate, the Ivy Room and Mama Kim’s are a good start.  You should also look into Brown (duh), The Herald, BDH Sports, Diamonds and CoalBCA, Brown Engineering, Brown Athletics, and our personal favorite, The Brown Alumni Association.

6. The Brown Daily Herald Media Group. While BlogDailyHerald may be the best looking aspect of the Herald’s media empire, the Herald’s website is definitely a great resource—tricked out with full PDF’s of the paper if you can’t get your hands on the real thing. Take a look at their unofficial Class of 2015 guide if you missed it!  Be sure to also check out Post- magazine, the awesome, elder cousin that we can’t wait to drink with at Thanksgiving.

7. Chat A Librarian. They use emoticons! 8)

8. Mocha/Critical Review. Though everybody makes mistakes.

9.  Student Bloggers. We’re continually impressed with Ratty Gourmet, a student culinary blog using Ratty ingredients. We’re also looking for some new blogs to follow now that RISD Streetwalker graduated…Could be yours.

10.  The Indy.  They’re awful at kickball, but the ‘Dependent can be an alternative look at College Hill.  Plus, according to Morning Mail, they have seemingly added The Midnight Hour, which is pretty awesome.

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