Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: September 12, 2011

In light of a $9.4 billion state pension gap, which many are referring to as a “crisis,” Rhode Island’s Pension Advisory Group had its last meeting this morning in Cranston. The meeting featured a pension consultant’s presentation on a new plan that would uniquely meld elements of both typical pension plans and 401k-style plans. Also on the agenda was a panel discussion on what to do with municipally-run pension plans in the new state system, as well as the possible implementation of “self-correcting mechanisms” that would adjust specifics of the plan from year-to-year as necessary. Though audience members flooded the meeting space, they were not to provide input at this session. Public comments will be solicited on the proposal after State Treasurer Gina Raimondo and Governor Lincoln Chafee bring the plan to the General Assembly.

Need for speed, Rhode Island style? Universal Studios will be in Providence starting Tuesday to film a car chase scene for an upcoming action-adventure movie titled “R.I.P.D.” Unfortunately for those of you hoping to get a glimpse of the main cast members (which include Ryan Reynolds, Mary-Louise Parker and Jeff Bridges), you’re out of luck — none of them will be in town.

When Frank Nolan was asked to go through a background check, he was understandably reluctant. The Cranston man, who was applying to be the assistant coach of the girls volleyball team at Johnston High School, had a criminal history that included grand-theft auto. The solution? Pretending to be an FBI agent and then sending a fake e-mail and letter that said Nolan had a clean record. The ploy didn’t work and all he did was add another charge to his “clean” record: providing false documents to a public official.

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