The Secret Study Scene: Vol. I

Why hello there, stunner. So here’s the deal: every week, I’ll serve up a new study spot to keep on the down-low. Each off-the-beaten path learnin’ locale will be unnamed to protect its identity from the great-unwashed masses (mostly RISD kids). But with a little sleuthing, you’ll likely unlock BlogDH’s covert cramming recommendations. Enjoy!

This week’s milieu is ideal for Brown’s budding astute aesthetes. If you’re in the market for delicate first editions of obscure books, perusing pop Parisian magazines, or sullenly sitting in antique overstuffed chairs, then set down that Masala chai on your rickety oak side-table and make moves here. This readery boasts built-in leather bench seats for posting up, handsome oil paintings, and all the lamplit pretention one needs to focus on whatever paper he or she is writing—so long as the words “hegemony” or “gendered lens” are used with abandon. If you’ve got panache and are looking to elicit a New Yorker-reader pompgasm, this should be your new habitat.

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  1. Mike Makowsky

    I still really want to know where this is.

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