Time-waster of the Day: September 14, 2011

Though most of our time-wasters tend to be frivolous and time-wastey, this one is worth a little more attention.  The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Fast Food Nation have shed light on the atrocious practices of the beef and corn industry, but they neglect to mention a tiny little fruit/vegetable/scarlet sphere also known as the tomato.  Considered a cornerstone of the American salad and absolutely tasty in Italian food and on pizza, tomatoes are also the source of industry malpractice that enlists migrant workers as de facto slaves.  According to this article, Whole Foods is the only grocery chain to have signed on to the petition for fair-trade practices.  While BlogDH usually uses its time-wasters to show you the nooks and crannies of internet procrastination, we hope this one will expand your food literacy.

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