Ruth steps down, world turns to the Internet

We know you know. Ruth is stepping down. Reactions have been mixed: some cried, some nodded their heads respectfully, some went into hysterics (I am guilty of this one). What brought us all together, however, was not the community announcement listserv. It was the need to express our emotions, vent our frustrations and share the joy of having had the opportunity to see Ruth at the Blue Room… through the Internet.

The mass of Facebook status updates which resulted from the news of Ruth’s impending resignation began at circa 10:50 a.m., just minutes after the email from Ruth was sent out to all Brunonians. Here are some of our favorite updates:

First, the shock. And the rhetorical questions.

Then, the panic.  

Some took the news a little more lightly, praising our beloved President Simmons (these, of course, were mostly from seniors, who get to hear Ruth’s final commencement speech).

And those not graduating this year decided to focus on the silver lining of Ruth’s email: her return as a “Professor of Comparative Literature and Africana Studies”.

Then we have the future leaders/motivational speakers in our community, imparting their wisdom with poise, eloquence, and hashtags.

And, finally… there’s the controversial commentator.

In the wake of Ruth’s heartbreaking announcement, we saw it all, we heard it all and we felt it all. But we salute her as being a wonderful president, and will always carry with us the pride (and bragging rights) that we were at Brown during her presidency. And that we “accidentally” bumped into her during the Blue Room lunch rush.

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