Time-waster of the day: September 16, 2011

As you may know, we LOVE students and alums who do cool things here on BlogDH and we’ll take any opportunity we can to express that, including our daily time-wasters. Today’s welcome distraction comes from Ryan Charles ’02, who decided that the Internet needed a Yelp for consumer packaged goods – a user-generated review site that separates the good, the bad and the ugly of supermarket foods and beyond. Consmr may be meant to educate us, but really its best for distracting from our education. Connect to the site with Facebook and in a few minutes you’ll be giving star ratings to everything from Diet Pepsi to Pepcid AC…and earning cool-looking badges after you complete a certain number, because that’s how ‘socially-minded’ websites work these days. If that doesn’t sound fun, let me rephrase it: this website lets you give your least favorite products the disses to the face they deserve.

Full interview with Ryan coming next week!

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