What to do tonight: 9/17

Shattered: A Drama in Two Acts

PW Upspace
4:30 pm

Part of Raise Your Hand: A Back to School Event, this play is a sixty-two page look inside of the mind of fourth grader Ben Freeman ’13. Examining “shotgun marriages, the dissolution of family life in wartime (the Revolutionary War, to be exact), and forbidden love, among many other themes,” all from the perspective of a child makes for an incredibly interesting.

First Anime Screening of the Semester
Barus & Holley 190
7 pm – 9:30 pm

A showing of “The Borrower Arrietty,” a Studio Ghible film released in 2010, written by Hayao Miyazaki, will be hosted by the Brown Anime Society.

Anxiety of Influence
Granoff Center, Studio 1
8 pm – 10 pm

This multimedia dance work uses a “custom-built wireless gestural interface to translate kinetic energy into real-time multichannel synthetic sound and graphics.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds awesome. Dancer Tabaré Gowon will perform the piece using this interface, which is invisibly mounted on his body, to trigger and interact with audiovisual events.
A dissertation performance presented by Robbie Byron, PhD Candidate in the Music Dept. MEME program.

Triple Threat Concert
Salomon 101
8 pm – 10 pm

Hear, and see, the Higher Keys, the Jabberwocks, and the Ursa minors perform some soulful laments on the ending of President Simmons’ time at our dear University. Or they might just sing some pop songs. Either way, be there or be tuneless.

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