Sexction: Seeing Your Crush Outside of Class, Part 1

Amanda and I went to Whiskey Republic on Saturday to check out DropKick Murphys. There he was: Mr. Soccer, in the flesh. Now, Mr. Soccer, for those of you who do not know, is Amanda’s big crush from her sociology seminar. Yet after months of talking about him, Amanda froze up like a Nintendo 64 when she discovered him outside of class.

“OMIGOD! OMIGOD!” Amanda mouthed to me as we sat at the bar.
“Go talk to him,” I suggested.

But Amanda was too nervous. She would talk to him, she insisted, but only after a drink to loosen up. Fast-forward thirty minutes. Amanda is throwing back enough shots to make LMFAO nervous. And when Mr. Soccer did come over, it was too late. He reached over to touch her arm and drunk Amanda’s brain mistook his flirty gesture for a threatening blow. She fell over in slow motion, landing like a cockroach on its back, her four-inch heels kicking wildly in the air. I don’t think I need to say it, but Amanda doesn’t stand much of a chance of finding real love with Mr. Soccer anytime soon.
So what is the right protocol when we see our Brown crush at a party? How do we ensure that it can move from this one night into the real thing? This week, I’ll give you a list of bad behavior to avoid.  

1. Get wasted – Amanda’s example is probably enough but just in case you’re not convinced, think of it this way: how many times have you been turned off by a sober person at a party? Probably never. Now, how many times has a drunk person turned you off? Probably a few times. Being inebriated feels good but it just ain’t that cute to everyone around you.

2. Try to make that person jealous – If you see your crush at a party, you’re obviously not going to spend the whole night staring at him or her. If you’ve done this, then you’re creepy. On the other hand, it’s not a good idea to ignore this person and spend your night chatting up other potential mates. You may get so carried away trying to make your crush jealous that, when you turn around, he or she has left the party. And whatever you do, please do not make out with someone else to make your crush jealous. That’s enough perverse psychology to make Freud uncomfortable.

3. Fondle your crush in the bathroom at AEPi – A girl I knew once gave a guy head in a public bathroom and was heartbroken when he didn’t want anything more than a booty call. Sometimes, we’re so excited to finally see that person outside of class, we want to cram all the fun into one night. Be patient, young Brunonian. I’m not saying “don’t sleep with this person right away.” The jury is still out on that one and indeed, many first-date hookups blossom into full-blown romance. But in general, hooking up with this person in a public place sends the signal that you’re not very serious about it.

So, now that you’ve mastered which behaviors to avoid, how can you make love happen? Stay tuned and next week, I’ll cover how to best approach your crush during your night out.

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  1. Dear HHP,
    Hate on Amanda all you want, but I totally understand where your girl is coming from! If you build someone up so much, sometimes approaching publicly them can be next to impossible (especially if its one of your first interactions!).
    That said, there is no worse feeling that trying to build up the courage to talk to someone all night, and then finding out that they’ve left the party. Your one window of opportunity has closed! It’s easy to take that personally, like there was nothing worth staying around for. Like YOU weren’t enough to stay around for. We just have to remember: if you dont make a move, then their behavior is not in response to anything!

    Heather, how do I make a move so that the disappearing act doesn’t happen more than twice? And if it’s happened already, how do I do differently next time?
    Loving you from the Lou,
    Sultry in St. Louis

  2. Dearest Heather,
    Good point on the not getting totally wasted thing. Hard to turn a blacked out random hook-up into a real thing. Been there! But, it probably actually is a good idea to have a drink or two so you are pleasantly buzzed/tipsy (if you drink) because in my experience that makes the guy more comfortable especially if they are drinking. I once was hooking up with a guy and it had been a few times, so I admitted to him that I had been sober every time we’d hooked up and he seemed fairly freaked out. He didn’t call me again. Probably immature on his part, but if you’re totally sober and your crush is a little drunk, it could make for a weird imbalance, especially if you don’t know each other well. Good idea to be on the same page.

    Now on that note though, what do you do if your crush is absolutely hammered, and you or they make a move and seem into hooking up?? How do you know what the right timing is — should you go for it that night or make them wait?? I feel a lot of us have this problem. I’m in favor of just going with your gut and not holding back, but this sometimes doesn’t end well. On the other hand, what if you hold out but it doesn’t work and they get hooked by someone else? How confusing.

  3. Heather HotPants

    Dear Sultry,
    Have you tried marching right up to your crush and striking up a conversation? Realize that the charming, sexy, and sultry person that you are has a lot to offer. Take hold of this confidence and march right up to your crush. He or she is lucky to talk to you! And if this person doesn’t feel that way (i.e. he or she leaves), then it’s time to find a new crush. But don’t give up until you’ve given it your best shot. For more on this topic, check out my next post, up on Monday, Sept 26th on how to seal the deal with your crush at a party.
    Big love,

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