Stuffed french toast is back at Jo’s!

Stuffed french toast

For the next several weeks, stuffed french toast will be offered on Monday nights at Jo's.

On several Monday evenings in the spring, I waited in a line at Jo’s that no one seemed to know about: the stuffed french toast line.

That’s right. For those of you who missed it, Jo’s served stuffed french toast. And this semester, it’s back again, as part of a series of rotating specials on Monday nights! Check it out!

Fillings include chocolate chips, raisins, fruit, jelly, and ham, and you can get syrup, tater tots, and sausages on the side.

Stuffed french toast bar

It is one of the culinary innovations brought to Brown’s retail eateries by Aaron Fitzsenry, culinary manager of retail dining at Brown Dining Services (and occasional BlogDH commenter!). He is the man behind things like bread pudding, Kabob and Curry and Shanghai at the Blue Room, and the mac and cheese specials at the Ivy Room.

Stuffed french toast will be around for the next few weeks. Aaron let us in on the details about what’s planned for the future:

A Baked Potato Bar featuring both regular and sweet potatoes with a few fun and upscale toppings like Lobster Bisque starts on October 17th.  The final Monday special for the semester will be a Grilled Cheese Bar paired with good soups/dips on November 21st.  Looking forward to next semester, you’ll see College Classy Ramen (with soba and some fantastic pho and curry broth we found), the return of the Burrito Cubano, and a BBQ special to welcome the warm weather.

Comment on this post and/or shoot Aaron an email to let him know what you think about the Monday night specials — or anything related to the food at Brown’s retail eateries. He really wants to hear from the students–

–and grab yourself some stuffed french toast before it’s too late! The line closes at 11 p.m.


  1. S Tsang

    The special entrees (and Shanghai and Kabob & Curry) are great. Thanks!

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