Time-waster of the day: September 23, 2011

Illustration by Robyn Lee @ seriouseats.com

This is a time-waster in the most profound sense of the (compound) word. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, perhaps the coolest man in food (sorry Anthony Bourdain, but I heard somewhere that you have a weak handshake and a penchant for picking on women), decided to up the ante of his regular Food Lab post and answer every single question his readers asked him on SeriousEats.com. This means for 164 questions, he gave 164 answers (though the ever-technical MIT-grad insisted that there were really 223 individual questions). While many of the questions address food-related topics of all shapes and sizes–that’s a nod to you, too-cool-for-school junior who went off meal plan only to realize that cooking is more than boiling water for Ramen–there are also random questions with answers ranging from insightful to perplexed to outright hilarious. Kenji isn’t just one of the best food writers online, he’s one of the best writers online, as he develops an immediate rapport with any reader through his obscenely knowledgable, yet always candid, style. This time-waster is the perfect introduction, and you may learn something in the fifty minutes it takes to really consider the bulk of the article.

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