Disclaimer: This won’t improve your life

When will Brunonians end their strange obsession with parsing the unfailingly simple landscape of Brown Dining Services?  A new website descriptively titled “Brown Menu” has popped up on the U’s culinary cyber scene.  The site allows you to view the menus of the day for the Ratty and the V-Dub and the specials at the Blue Room all on the same page. Doesn’t sound that novel, right? Right. But you can also click on the specific items, thereby “favorite”-ing them. When your favorite items are served in the future, they’ll show up in big red letters on the site’s home page. But that doesn’t address one fundamental flaw: you still need to visit the website to find out that your favorite items are being served in the first place.

All we really want is some sort of notification system to be installed. Here’s a thought: why not implement a system where you receive a daily text telling you which “favorite”d items are being served and where?

But then again, we might be going overboard – we could stand to plan our lives less around food. Sup Chicken Finger Friday. Sup 11:00 science class that I regularly skipped to be first in line for the vegan nuggets…

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