Free Food Digest: September 29, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.


UEP Open House
12-1 pm
Barus Building 104

What does UEP stand for, you ask? Good question. That’s probably why the education department is holding this event. UEP is the acronym for Urban Education Policy — an A.M. degree granted by the ed department in the study of policy analysis, planning and development of urban education. Learn more about the program and get free pizza tonight!

American Studies DUG Meeting
7-8 pm
Wilson Hall 101

Ask not what you can do for your DUG — ask what your DUG can do for you. Come get your subsidized free Nice Slice on. Then enjoy Meeting Street cookies for dessert, also on the DUG’s dime. Who could know that 50 years down the line, the DUG will be $14 trillion in debt? #alltooreal

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