8 simple ways to tailgate like a State school

We all know that Brown isn’t really the most spirited of schools. On a scale of one to Bieber Fever, we’re kind of at the same level as someone who just found a penny on the ground. But, who are we to let URI make a mockery of our spirit? And our spirits? Forgettaboutit!

  1. Paraphernalia: Try to wear at least one artifact of school gear. Or, at least school colors. Or, at the very least not their school colors (which are “Keaney blue and white”)—let’s be real here.
  2. Pieces of flairBody paint is most definitely welcome, but always make sure to have a Designated Speller
  3. Jeer-tastic: Yelling, chanting, taunting and heckling are all strongly encouraged. Just try to keep it to the opposing team, please.
  4. Crank up the grill: Put down the Chipotle and pick up a hot dog.
  5. Ride Solo: If your drink is too classy for a Solo cup, it’s too classy for a tailgate.
  6. Shmimosa: Leave all beer snobbery at home. If you’re going to complain about all the (probably free) Natty Light, or even worse, Beer 30, then buy your own damn alcohol and stop drinking mine.
  7. Ra-ra: Go to the game! Think about it: would you pregame Whisko and then hang out in your room alone while all of your friends grinded (ground?) with some sweaty stranger? Probably not. Besides, after all the fun you just had with friends in a parking lot, imagine how much cooler it will be when thousands of people are cheering or heckling in unison…
  8. Keep on keepin’ on: After the game is over, finish tailgating back on campus. Depending on how the game goes, everyone will either be celebrating or mourning together after the last play. Either way, the show must go on, and chances are there will be a lot of people looking to continue the festivities!

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