Preview: Reopening The Vault

Among the stuff Brown students like: words ending in “-cycling.”  Recycling, bicycling… and now upcycling.

The Vault, a student-run thrift program started by Hannah Winkler ’13 and Tara Noble ’12.5, provides Brown students with the opportunity to buy gently used clothing (and other items, too) – and their first sale is being held today, in the lobby of J. Walter Wilson, from 10 am to 2 pm.  If you’re out of short-sleeved shirts thanks to the weirdly warm temperatures of late, or have put off doing laundry almost as long as you’ve procrastinated that stats problem set, you’re in luck.

There’s no need to fret if your pockets are still empty from textbook purchases – The Vault will also conduct clothing exchanges, and you can get store credit for those grandma sweaters you wore before they were cool or the jeans that fit before you discovered Ivy Room mac and cheese.  They’ll be holding more sales this semester, so you can stop by whenever you’re feeling the need for some retail therapy (or, in tomorrow’s case, a free cookie with your first purchase)!

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