What to do tonight: 9/30

BTS Nightmarket
Sayles Hall
7 pm — 10 pm
Free to enter! (But you’ll need some cash money if you want food…)

Brown Taiwan Society’s Nightmarket is an annual event worth attending again and again.  BTS does their best to replicate the traditional nightmarkets of Taiwan, complete with rows of food vendors, entertainment and festive decorations.

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde
Leeds Theatre
8 pm — 10 pm

Sock & Buskin’s 2011 season kicks off this weekend with this courtroom drama, which delves into the 1895 homosexuality trials of the Victorian playwright. Featuring direct quotes from courtroom documents, interviews and personal correspondences, the play promises to be visually stunning  and emotionally wrenching under Director Kym Moore’s leadership.

Your Majesty, the Elephant
PW Upspace
7 pm & 9 pm

This short play — run time is about 35 minutes — from Arab playwright Saadallah Wannous examines repression and revolution in the Middle East. Recently translated to English by Andrew Leber ’12, “Your Majesty” invites the audience to join the revolution and experience Arab theater for the first time.

Starla & Sons First Improv Show of the Year
Salomon 001
11 pm – Midnight (really, Starla?!) 9 pm

Long form comedy at its finest. Do it.

Correction: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that tonight’s Starla & Sons show will start at 11. It will, in fact, start at 9 pm, as indicated in the show’s Facebook event.

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    According to the facebook event Starla starts at 9?

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