Development Paroled: What Mitch Hurwitz’s Announcement Really Means


After four and a half years of meaningless back-and-forth from cast members (we’re looking at you, Michael Cera, you mopey little bitch), series creator Mitch Hurwitz today announced his intentions to go ahead with not only a feature-length Arrested Development film, but also a Season Four

“We’re all game,” said Hurwitz, flanked by the entire Bluth family at a New York Festival panel. The panel ended with a cast-wide chicken dance.

As we know, Hurwitz has been working on the film’s screenplay for a while now. We can now assume, per the announcement, that there are no more cast holdouts on the project.

However, while the creative people are all set to go, the business side is less concrete. With the show’s cult following larger now than ever, FOX may be more apt to air the new season. According to Deadline, alternative broadcasters include Netflix (that’s right, Netflix) and Showtime (referenced in the meta-tastic episode “S.O.B.s” back when everyone hoped they’d step in and save the show from cancellation).

Hurwitz, a god among men.

But what does this proposed “Season Four” actually entail? Hurwitz explained that he’d like to film “nine or ten episodes” over the course of next summer. Every episode would focus on a different Bluth, each off doing his or her own thing. They would then reunite in time for the movie.

Should we be expecting anything more than brief promotional minisodes? Does everyone have the time to film all this? Virtually all of the cast members have achieved greater commercial success since the show. Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are movie stars. Will Arnett is headlining “Up All Night,” a new NBC comedy sure to be picked up for the year. Yet with Hurwitz’s plan for individualized character-centric installment, the time commitment surely isn’t inconceivable.

All in all, this is fantastic news. Celebrate by doing a series rewatch in time for 2013.


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