The Ultimate Gesture of Ruth Appreciation: October Edition

When Ruth announced her retirement effective at the end of the school year, there were obviously many questions that needed answering. Who would be Brown’s next fearless leader? Would Armageddon be triggered by Ruth’s departure? Would he/she be equally huggable? With these questions in the air, it makes perfect sense that Brown’s always-creative student body would take its appreciation for Ruth to a whole new level (though the outpouring at Saturday’s tailgate was higher than expected).

With that in mind, I hereby present to you Mr. October (not Reggie Jackson), Danny Sobor ’15 and his creation: T(RUTH). Sobor and floormate Gabriel Lesser ’15 had been discussing what their newest stencil-and-spray paint creation should be when they realized there was only one real option: “It’s gotta be Ruth; who doesn’t love Ruth?!” Sobor then spent “a good hour” looking for the perfect picture to make a stencil from, and T(RUTH) was born. He’s been selling them as posters, and now t-shirts, for $5 each. The posters have been so successful that they’ve almost sold out, but don’t worry, he’ll be making more soon.

Lucky for Danny, he ran into Ruth – and got his SECOND hug of the semester (I’m still waiting for my first) – and told her about the posters. He later (on his birthday, no less) got a message from the President’s Office telling him he could get a picture delivering a poster, of Ruth, to Ruth. Lucky man.

It’s only October, so there’s plenty of time for even more absurd and creative displays of Ruth unhealthy obsession appreciation. Know a friend who got Ruth’s likeness tattooed on his back? Did your roommate make a cake with her face on it? Let us know and he/she could be featured on the next edition of “The Ultimate Gesture of Ruth Appreciation.” 

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