7 questions not to ask your prospective landlord

Sharing a space is tough business - try not to get too attached

The online application for off-campus permission went live this morning at 8 AM for rising juniors and seniors and will continue until midnight November 1. For rising juniors, this will be the only time that you’ll be allowed to apply.

There are many reasons to live off-campus at Brown, such as avoiding the anxiety that comes with the housing lottery and the problem of overcrowded dorms. Not to mention the prospect of getting to know your friendly local Rhode Islanders a little better. For those who’ve decided to venture out into greater Providence, you’ll be spending the next few weeks and months hunting down your dream home.

When inquiring about or negotiating your lease (after you’ve received permission from ResLife) with your prospective landlord, here are some questions that you should probably avoid asking:

  1. What’s the maximum capacity for this house?
  2. Will you accept my extra meal credits or flex points for rent?
  3. How close is the nearest liquor store?
  4. Is this house insured for arson?
  5. If someone screams in the basement, can the neighbors hear?
  6. What do you think about indoor foam parties?
  7. Will you move in with me?

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