Brown Binaries Part I: Library Leanings

Ever notice that everything at this school seems to be a question of either/or? That’s right, the dreaded B-word. No, not that one, I’m talking about binaries, every non-conformist’s nightmare and the fodder of many a gender studies lecture (that is still a concentration, right?).

For all who have never seen the look of judgment in a friend’s eye when you tell him you’re going to the Sci-Li to work (“just to meet my study group, I swear! I’ll be like…ten minutes at most”) or don’t know what it’s like to blasphemously admit that you prefer Baja over Chipotle, we’ve put together a handy guide to Brown binaries that we’ll be rolling out over the next couple weeks.  A guiding hand to help you through the arduous decision-making process, this companion will illuminate  what your choices really say about you.

Up first on the chopping block: Libraries

An obvious choice, we know, but perhaps the most telling characteristic of any Brown student.  Unless we’re talking about those kids who study in their rooms because they “just don’t do the whole library thing,” the library choice is a prime expression of campus identity. Read more after the jump.

The Rock

If you’re a Rock regular (as this writer admittedly is), then you’ve seen just about everything this place has to offer in terms of genuinely unique clientele. Students who frequent this 7-story fortress of academia tend to buy their tights pre-ripped, make homemade Kombucha, and have a particular affinity for sipping their hot beverages out of recycled jars. Those who make the Rock their second home tend to be enrolled in courses like AMCV 1903Z Shrine, House or Home: Rethinking the House Museum Paradigm (seriously, what does that even mean?) and enjoy the comfort of an oversized reading chair to that of those strange amoeba-shaped, half-couch creations one finds in the Friedman center.


The Sci-Li

On the other hand, if you’re a Sci-Li kinda guy, well, chances are you’ve either eaten your weight in meat at one of the two dining halls before heading over to hit the books, or you’re headed to the stacks for a sweet pre-med rager where you and your friends are going to discuss exciting things like methylating hydrocarbons and genetic sequencing. Sci-Li regulars tend to love pulling all-nighters and have the uncanny ability to keep the volume of their voice at decibel levels that end in 0 or 5. A trip up to the stacks could reveal a gaggle of drunks racing their way down to the lobby, or perhaps, in the darkest recesses of an upper floor, a couple or two engaging in some one-on-one bio tutoring (oooh, that’s how babies are made).

Both options have their pros and cons (mostly hours of endless reading and the fear of actually having to be productive) but only you can make the final call. So what will it be, science and sports, or hangin’ with the hipsters? The choice is yours.

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