Spicy With? Make that Spicy Kielbasa. Plus: “Welcome to Rhode Island” special at Jo’s tomorrow!


The quesadilla line at Jo's is now open on Fridays.

If you, like us, spend entirely way too much time at Jo’s, you’ve probably noticed a few changes this semester.

In the grill line, you may have seen the kielbasa (Polish sausage), which has been “hugely popular,” wrote Sean DeBobes, assistant manager for retail operations at Jo’s, in an email to BlogDH. Coming soon is its twin: the spicy kielbasa.

“We also added a bunch of sauces to help jazz up the grill,” he wrote. “Sriracha mayo, roasted garlic whole-grain mustard, hot pepper relish, sweet fruit chutney, kraut and bourbon sauce. Our customers are really enjoying these and so am I.”

Though there’s no substitute for exploring Providence and Rhode Island, Dining Services will try to bring a taste of the Ocean State to Jo’s. Tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 5), Jo’s will have its annual “Welcome to Rhode Island” special. Sean explained the event to us:

Just a little dose of all things Rhode Island to help acclimate people.  Hot Weiners (not hot dogs… totally different) with weiner sauce, clam cakes (now crab cakes), coffee milk (not chocolate milk), you might notice a trend…. Rhode Islanders like things just a little different.  We will also have Dynamites (think sloppy joe on crack), Del’s Frozen lemonade and Quahog chowder.

Another big change this semester has been that quesadillas are now served on Friday, in addition to the previous days of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. “In our customer survey we confirmed what we already know, people love the quesadilla,” he wrote. “The lines have been a little shorter this year which is also a great thing.”

Do you have suggestions or thoughts about Jo’s? Send Sean an email! He would love to hear your feedback. “We work all summer to try to come up with some really great stuff to make meal plan just a bit better,” he wrote. If you have opinions about any other eateries on campus, don’t hesitate to shoot an email to the appropriate person at Dining Services.

And don’t forget — next Monday is the last night of stuffed french toast at Jo’s. A baked potato bar will start the following Monday (Oct. 17), which will feature “both regular and sweet potatoes with a few fun and upscale toppings like Lobster Bisque,” according to Aaron Fitzsenry, culinary manager for retail dining.


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