Time-waster of the day: October 7, 2011

Remember that show South Park? It used to be so inappropriate. The average current college student was reprimanded at least twice but more likely several times for sneaking in episodes of the “You killed Kenny” show as a seven year-old. Well, if you haven’t watched South Park since Radiohead watched Scott Tenorman eat his parents, it may finally be time to return to the beloved Comedy Central show.

Why? Because South Park took a hard left turn last spring with a midseason conclusion that left Randy and Sharon separated, Stan a cynical asshole who sees a world shrouded in fecal matter and Cartman as ingeniously malicious and childishly ignorant as he always was. In this first new episode, we find a typical South Park storyline rooted in a misunderstanding of Asperger’s, but also a ‘throwback’ parody of The Matrix and one of the most heartbreaking treatments of alcoholism in cartoon history. So don’t think twice, and waste some time today with a commercial-free stream of South Park’s most recent episode, “Assburgers,” on SouthParkStudios.com.

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