#TrendThis: Brown Alumni #Swag

It’s Friday. And not just any Friday — it’s Fall Weekend Friday. For those of us staying in the jolly ol’ Ocean State, there’s not so much to do this weekend since half of the Brown community booked it onto the first MegaBus to New York. So why not make your way down to Providence Place and catch up on new movies?

Specifically, check out the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen dramedy (emphasis on the dra-) “50/50“. Why this film (considering that the new non-Twilight Taylor Lautner movie is out, too…)? Maybe because it’s directed by Brown alum Jonathan Levine ’00! Thanks, @BrownAlumniMag, for letting us know. (Yes, they tweet.) So get your iced coffee float at the Blue Room, and walk downtown! It’s beautiful out, so take advantage of the sun. Trust me, freshmen, it might not come back for a while…

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