Things to do tonight: Final WaterFire

If Brown students want to finally follow up on their plans to go downtown, tonight would be the time.

Providence’s annual civic art festival WaterFire (not to be confused with firewater, Brown’s other weekend tradition) is having its last full installment tonight.

Students looking for a night on the town or a chance for spiritual reflection (or the opportunity to reenact their favorite childhood cartoons) should make their way downtown. As part of the Providence tradition, the downtown rivers will be set ablaze by hundreds of bonfires burning just above the water.

The first lighting will be at 6:30 p.m., and at 7:30 the second lighting will occur at Waterplace Park, right down the Hill. As the fires burn, various events, including luminaria and music, will dot downtown for event-goers to explore.

“Part of the whole idea of WaterFire is that there are a whole lot of special places,” Executive Artistic Director Barnaby Evans ’75 said. “And we encourage people to find their own.”

Evans highlighted a handful of events for students to visit:

At “Starry, Starry Night,” near Hemenway’s, people can make a wish on blue stars ornamented on trees, and at the confluence of the two rivers on Steeple Street Bridge, a display of 20 illuminated Japanese koi will be paired with the opportunity to light luminaria.

For students looking for something more interactive, a QR-code scavenger hunt will begin at the intersection of Canal and Steeple Streets, and for dining, there will be plenty of street food throughout (“Shout out to Mama Kim’s,” Evans added).

WaterFire is free, and it’s produced through personal contributions. Anyone wishing to make a contribution can find event volunteers in black. As a thank you, WaterFire will give donors a blue necklace to don.  Click here for a more detailed schedule or music program.

Images courtesy of Barnaby Evans.

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