Cup ‘o (Pro)Jo: October 12, 2011

A “Circle of Hope” composed of over 2,000 protesters opposed to state cuts that could adversely affect people with developmental disabilities surrounded the State House last night. In efforts to close a $300,000,000 budget deficit, state lawmakers have cut reimbursements for transportation-related costs and to service providers, including significant entry-level wage decreases for direct-service providers and nurses.

A Rhode Island affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union has called for the state to revise its formula for calculating the value of motor vehicles. A recent state law has increased the car tax as well as subjecting vehicles to the tax that were formerly exempt, and was met with opposition in cities across the state. The Rhode Island Vehicle Valuation Commission currently sets “presumptive values” for most cars, taxing the vehicles under the assumption that they are like new.

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