Time-waster of the day: October 12, 2011

Everyone’s favorite bible-thumping, power-suit-wearing, misinformed Keebler Elf Minnesota congresswoman is back, and this time she’s better than ever!

We’re talking Bachmann 2.0, Return to Witch Mountain.

Now, Ms. Bachmann may be on-point a lot of the time, like when she warned Americans that the Lion King was nothing more than gay propaganda for second graders, or that time she admitted that many Nobel scientists actually believe in intelligent design thank. you. very. much. However,  we all know this 5′ 2″  powerhouse can’t be on her A-game all the time and, sometimes, politicians falter.

Unfortunately for Michele, her latest verbal misstep seems to be particularly off base this time around, with her latest campaign video running into some…shall we say, “technical difficulties”.

Here’s hoping the Liberal Media Elite don’t get a hold of this one (they sound scary!).


  1. Yawn…was hoping for more than run of the mill liberal knee-jerk speak on this blog. But if all you can do is regurgitate the ills of Bachmann without looking into the why’s, well Brown is still not teaching liberals how to think..well…liberally.

  2. Jenny Bloom

    BlogDailyHerald strives to provide an outlet for students to talk and learn about matters pertaining to the Brown University campus and address student needs – in this case, the need for methods of procrastination. The time-wasters, while they can be thought-provoking, do not pretend to hold weight as legitimate intellectual endeavors, but instead seek to amuse because of their simplicity. If you seek to address more controversial questions, please see our partner organization, the Brown Daily Herald.

  3. Jenny,

    So what would an appropriate comment be in response to this time-waster – ‘Ha Ha! That’s funny!!’ or ‘Those right-wing nut jobs are just crazy!!!’

    Would that be finding the humor in the post without seeking any kind of intellectual legitimacy? Let’s laugh not because we believe it’s true but because we think it’s funny and gives us a break from mid-term studying? Am I understanding you correctly?

    It seems you’re implying I didn’t get the joke so I suppose tomorrow there will be a similar expose on Obama’s foibles or anyone left of Bachmann – and there’s a wide array of folks who fit that category?

    I highly doubt it and that’s my point. The BDH and her ‘sister’ blog exemplify the knee-jerkism lefty thinking at Brown which I’ve always contended is one of its shortcomings. But carry on, I don’t want to spoil the fun.

  4. anonymous

    Too bad you kind of already did…

    But at least it’s reassuring to know that members of the general public can spend so much of their free time deconstructing the merits of a YouTube video that in no way intends to take itself seriously, but rather finds humor in it’s absurdly biased and ridiculous premise.

  5. ‘members of the general public’….I don’t even get…’alumnus’ status…I’m hurt…;)

    And I commentate on political issues. You can see my blog here, and I post on GoLocalProv every Wednesday. I’ll be on PBS’ A Lively Experiment this week as well. So much of my free time is spent thinking and talking about political issues.

    And…my Brown degree is in political science (shout-out to Prof. Tomasi). So, yes when I see youtube videos and posts such as this from the BDH’s blog, I might make a comment about it.

    I’m glad we agree on the bias and ridiculous nature on the video though.

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