In a surprising turn of events, it’s a rainy day in Providence

Freshmen be warned, it’s the fall. And if you thought that this season meant long, leaf-accented walks of shame through the Main Green for last night’s WhisCo hook-up, you thought quite wrong. “Ooo baby it’s rainin'” and not looking to stop any time soon. In a recently posted article, tries its hand at humor and describes the ‘four letter weather words’ that it claims will define the fall season for the Northeast and Midwest. If process of elimination isn’t your thing, those two four letter words are ‘rain’ and ‘wind’ (ok, perhaps that’s not fair, since ‘snow’ is also four letters, but we’re not at Colgate and for that we can be thankful). According to the expert meteorologists (oxymoron?) at, we can expect more rainy weather than average (again, to the LA freshmen, average is more rain than you’ve ever seen in your sunkist lives) and that means you should get your rain gear together now more than ever. Rain in Rhode Island is nothing new, but if is correct (which it is roughly 20% of the time, unless the weather’s actually occurring outside your window, at which point it’s 70% accurate) this will a be a memorable few months for the precipitation fans on campus. While next week is looking sunny, just remember that also predicted heavy rain for all of Spring Weekend 2011, so consider all predictions with skepticism. Happy Thursday! Don’t blame God, blame yourself. And seriously, buy a raincoat.

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