Time-waster of the day: October 14, 2011

Snooki(ndergarten) and DJ Pauly D(aipers) are disconcertingly accurate miniatures

When our editors stumbled upon this gem of a time-waster from Flavorwire, their only reaction was “efoisdhnweoifsdcknwaeifos.” That roughly translates to “this is so freakin’ awesome I just decided to hit a bunch of keys because the english language cannot convey my excitemenment.” Anyway, this collection of kids’ Halloween costumes that go right over their three-foot-high heads, is a perfect mix of cute and slightly manipulative, and will surely give you (and any visiting family members) the giggles on another rainy day in Providence. Although, a family viewing of this slideshow has real potential to go awry, especially if you begin to resent your parents for being so uncreative with your Halloween costumes as a kid…

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