Hiiiiiiiiii, Parents: The Most Entertaining (or Annoying) Places for Parent Sightings

Family Weekend is upon us. You should have noticed by now that campus is crawling with middle-aged moms and dads who are here to see you and get a sense of your life at Brown. In order for your parents to do so effectively, they will be infiltrating our social and academic spheres of choice to try to live and understand the Brown Experience. Be advised that parents are everywhere, and that it can be quite entertaining to observe these creatures in their unfamiliar habitat. 

The Top Three Places for Parent Sightings:

1) The Ratty: Upon entry, parents are greeted by the wonderful, angelic BDS hostess with the mostest, Gail. They are hooked on Gail’s unmistakable charm and are reeled in by the long chain of “I”s in the “Hiiiiiiiiiiii” they receive at the door. They proceed to walk around aimlessly as they try to understand the hustle and bustle; the Cajun Chicken Pasta and the epic combination of cereal, ice cream and peanut butter that constitute the Ratty Experience. For maximum entertainment, be sure to observe the confusion and fascination that comes over parents as they observe our fellow students with four plates of food and three glasses of different drinks all balanced on the Ratty’s ugly, yet intriguing trays. It was LMFAO who said “everyday I’m Rattying”, right? 

2) Blue Room: The Blue Room is a hotspot among parents (just as it is among students) because of its central location, proximity to the Main Green and, most importantly, because of the fact that they take cash. Parents enjoy their coffees, the booths, couches, tables and chairs to sit and enjoy some nice time with you. That being said, if you have midterms next week, this is probably not the best place to study.

3) Leung Family Gallery: For some reason, parents feel adventurous once they get to Faunce—they venture up to the second floor to check out the study space and the cutting-edge Dyson Airblades in the bathrooms. Interestingly enough, parents who wander into Leung Family Gallery (implied and understood by most as quiet study space) take a seat on a couch and talk amongst themselves at annoyingly high volumes. The glaring looks from laborious students don’t seem to be good hints, and your parents continue to comment on the beautiful chandelier, their plans to take you to Al Forno for dinner (lucky you) or the terrible Providence weather.

Given this information, it is important that you plan your weekend accordingly; you can bask in the awkwardness of wandering, curious parents or you can take refuge in alternate locations (especially if you have midterms) to escape the craziness and claustrophobia brought to campus by our families.

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    “(implied and understood by most as quiet study space)”
    Leung is NOT a quiet study space!

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