Secret Sundays! #1

Brown University is an eclectic place–like a hipster Hogwarts–so shouldn’t it have some cool secret places to match? Secret Sundays isn’t exactly going to break the news on a Brown ‘Room of Requirement’, but these are the kinds of places where, if you found them on the Brown University video game, there would be a little chime sound and some treasure. But we’re not going to tell you where they are…the photo’s just a hint–do some exploring on your lazy Sunday!

Our first secret spot is a room on campus where you’re not only allowed, but encouraged to paint on the walls. Just remember to clean off your brushes for the next set of explorers. Happy hunting!


  1. S

    I always pass by this but WHY is it always locked and how do I unlock it?? This was not helpful.

  2. Zack Mezera

    It was unlocked when I stopped by – be vigilant!

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