Time-waster of the day: October 17, 2011

RealPlayer. Before we got smart and started using QuickTime, this buggy video and music processor was the media player of choice for Mac and Windows users alike. And what a disaster it was — from those damn codecs to the seemingly never-ending software updates, RealPlayer turned out to be a huge impediment to actually enjoying the music and video you pirated legally downloaded from the web.

Since the ’90s, however, software designers have gotten smarter, savvier and more in touch with their users. As a result, this blogger is especially confounded whenever he runs into a web application which is terribly designed (Facebook for Blackberry, anyone)?

Fortunately, some of us still have a sense of humor about these things.  “Things Real People Don’t Say About Your App” is a delightful tumblr dedicated to all of the things that hermitic software developers might hope people actually think when using their apps, but in reality are truly absurd. Next time one of those annoying icons for a critical (read: trivial) software update pops up, have a sense of humor about it, and just remember: it was worse ten years ago.

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