Crotchety BuDS Workers spill all

OK. So we’re all customers sometimes. And we all suck at it occasionally, whether we know it or not. So when we Crotchety BuDS Workers inform you that you probably suck as a customer, don’t take it personally. Just hear us out, and maybe take some notes to help make our lives a little easier… and prevent your food from being contaminated with OUR SALIVA. Justkiddingwedon’tdothat. Without further ado, things customers do that make us rage:

  • Cranky Cook: Watching over me with the firm gaze of a hawk as I make your food at a drop-off-your-order-and-wait station (Gate paninis, Ivy Room pasta…). It’s cool if you just want to save me the trouble of yelling your name. But when you’re tapping your foot, looking at your watch, and complaining to your friend about how you have to be at a meeting in five minutes… bitch, I’ma work slower.
  • Cantankerous Cashier:  Giving me “that face” when I say you can’t use three credits.  Don’t give me that sass.  Just because I’m not supposed to take it personally doesn’t give you the right to mutter rude thangz under your breath.

  • Cranky Cook:When we’re out of the bread/sauce/veggie you like, and your face says every evil thing you’re thinking about this. Sorry, but I’m not running to CVS to get you your damn whole wheat pita.
  • Cantankerous Cashier: When you tell us to use your “meal plan” to pay for your food. Yes. You have a meal plan. We know. Inform yourself about how credits/points work: one credit is $6.40, and points are like fake money your parents have already paid for.
  • Cranky Cook: When you come in a large group and order after your friend by simply saying, “Exactly what he had”. What am I, a genie? I can barely remember my ECON terms.

  • Cantankerous Cashier: When you’re talking on the phone and expect us to wait until you’re done.  I’m sure your biddie is fascinating, but there’s five people tapping their feet behind you.  And I need to swipe out in five minutes.
  • Cranky Cook: When you walk to a trash can to throw out your waste, discover that it’s overflowing and there’s trash all up on that counter around the trash hole, and you just add your shiz to the pile. Nawww, hold my BuDS cap…  I bet you 100 dirty trash bags there’s another trash can within a 20-foot radius that isn’t overflowing. C’mon, cut me some slack. Take a few steps to the next trash can. For me.
Phew. Glad we got that off our sauce-stained aprons. All we want is a little small talk, a quick “how was your day?”, maybe even the occasional smile. Even if you don’t care if we’re worried about our Chem 33 midterms, it would be nice if you asked. We’re people too, and we’ve spent just as much time at the SciLi as you’re about to with your warm almond croissant.
Coming soon: Kindhearted BuDS Workers give you top secret VIP info on making the most of your meal credits! We’re not all bad.

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