What’s happenin’ on r/BrownU

In case you don’t already lurk all of the Brown social media websites religiously, here’s a quick summary of what’s currently going on on the Brown Reddit r/BrownU.  My ulterior motive in posting this is that I’m hoping everyone is like, “whoa, cool site, I’m gonna post on it all the time” and then I’ll have even more distracting Brown-related material to read during my classes.

The above screenshot was posted in response to this thread, probably the best thing I’ve read recently beginning with the words “i was pooping earlier”:

(But hasn’t this poster seen Writing on the Stall?)

From questions about how to get into Brown:

…to questions about how to do Brown:

…to questions about how to really do Brown, and do it right:

…the Brown Reddit has been hoppin’ lately.

Afraid to jump in because you don’t know what Reddit is?  Basically, Reddit is driven by user-submitted content, from links to text posts (AKA self posts, indicated by “self.[redditname]”).  All content and discussion can be voted on via the arrows on the left — “upvote” good posts, “downvote” bad ones — which totally eliminates spam and keeps the content you see fresh and interesting.  r/BrownU is one of many different Reddits (or “subreddits”), each with its own distinct personality and vocabulary (“upvotes” are “uptokes” on r/trees, the marijuana-themed Reddit…or so I’ve been told).

Finally, a way to (pseudo)anonymously communicate with your classmates without the word limits of Spotted@Brown!

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