Six Words of Wisdom: Coping with the Cold

We hoped it wouldn’t be so, but it seems that the 80-degree days are finally behind us.  Temperatures have started dropping steadily, reminding us that the dreaded Providence winter is fast approaching.  Say goodbye to iced coffee, Froyo World (oh, who are we kidding?  It’s never too cold out for Froyo World), and shirtless guys playing Frisbee on the Main Green until April – or maybe March, if we’re lucky.

If it’s your first year at Brown or you just never left the library during finals last year, you might not be aware of exactly how cold it can get up here on College Hill.  So we asked some students from warmer climates (California, Florida, and Texas) for six words of wisdom about how to stay warm.  Check out their answers (and our commentary on how helpful their advice actually is):

“Learn how to accessorize with scarves.”  As a hardcore scarf junkie, I’m not going to dispute this.  You don’t need the weather as an excuse, though.

“Save your winter coat for January.”  We wish we could say this wasn’t true, but the weather does get worse.  The start of “Spring” (yeah, right) semester is brutal.

“Don’t go outside.  Stay in bed.”  Most of you have probably mastered this already.  We know you haven’t gone to an Econ lecture since shopping period.

“Move Brown University to South Florida.”  It would be a lot easier to procrastinate if we could go to the beach year-round

“Build an igloo – it’s warm inside.” Plus you get the added bonus of being able to tell everyone that yes, you are that awesome person who built a fully functioning igloo on the Main Green.

“Don’t go outside without clothes on.” Sure, it seems like a no-brainer… but some people might feel differently.

See? Even if the word winter isn’t in your vocabulary, there’s hope for you yet.  Just follow these tips and at least you’ll be slightly toastier than you would have been otherwise.

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