R.I.P., The Edge

In our recent BlogDailyPoll, only 6.5 percent of you chose The Edge for “best coffee on the East Side.”

Unfortunately, the 93.5 percent of you who didn’t understand the magic of The Edge will now never understand because IT IS CLOSED FOREVER.

Oh, cruel world! Our only consolation? The owners left behind a parting gift.  Their pumpkin muffin recipe, posted on the closed café’s shuttered doors…


  1. lizbeth hardwick

    Think an upscale pizza place is coming. Although sign said the owner had health problems, other troubles were alluded to. I think flanked by Alex and Ami and Comina now, The Edge stuck out as too funky and now in Lowenstein’s Newbury St. version of upscale Wayland Sq.

  2. Lizbet

    Upper Crust got the space, actually very Newbury.

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