Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: October 24, 2011

Occupy protesters will march on City Hall this afternoon to signal their right to camp in Burnside Park after issuing a statement to Mayor Taveras and public safety commissioner Steven Pare.  Members of the movement have expressed gratitude for the city’s cooperation, which has resulted in zero arrests of protestors thus far.  Pare said he might seek a court order to evict the protesters from the park, in which case some of protestors will set up elsewhere in the city, but currently has no imminent plans to do so.

The freeze on cost-of-living adjustments for Rhode Island state employee retirees outlined in the Chafee-Raimondo pension reform bill is unprecedented according to president of Rhode Island American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations president George Nee.  “This is the first time in our state, and one of the first times in the country,” he said of benefit reductions being implemented among people who are retired.

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