Free Food Digest: October 25, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.

Taubman Luncheon Series: Charter School Boards
12 pm
Taubman Center Seminar Room, 67 George Street

The Taubman Center assures us “a light lunch” will be provided, which is a good thing because the talk —  “Founders and Financially Affiliated Directors on Charter School Boards and Their Impact on Financial Performance and Academic Achievement”— sounds like pretty heavy stuff.

Contemplative Studies Open House
59 George Street
6–8 pm

The Contemplative Studies Department promises we will “enjoy Mama Kim’s” at this open house. Yes. We will.

Reading Ghost Stories by Women
Sarah Doyle Women’s Center
8– 9 pm

This event offers ghost stories and free candy, something we’re not yet sick of.

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