Free food digest: October 26, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.

Don’t Feed the Landfills
12 – 1 pm
Brown Bookstore

Cartridge world representatives, whatever those are, will be speaking about how to save the world by recycling your ink cartridges. The upside is there will be free lunch and three printers will be raffled off during the event. Food and hardware for free ninety nine? Count us in.

WiSE Cupcake Decorating
6-8 pm
Science Center

The free food is cupcakes, but the promise of trashy movies and Harry Potter-themed Mafia is equally enticing. If you don’t know what Mafia is, you should probably go and find out before somebody ‘kills’ you…

Concentration Fair
7-8:30 pm
Sayles Hall

The most ambiguous free food of all time, ‘light refreshments,’ will be served at this bound-to-be-packed event where representatives from the several departments will be available to answer any questions about concentrations you may have. Unfortunately, ‘No Concentration,’ is the one option even Brown University cannot offer.

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