Liqu-Or-Treat: A guide to Halloween drinking

A tradeoff of Halloweek is that for many of you, one week of partying means one week of drinking (or is that just a benefit?).  In order to keep the exercise exciting, BlogDH has some drink ideas to keep Halloweek as fresh as your Jack-O-Lanterns.


Peppermint Patty – A collaborative experience, wherein a friend with fine motor skills simultaneously pours peppermint schnapps and chocolate syrup into your mouth. Calories schmalories. Tastes incredible.

Candy Apple – What better way to tempt fate than with a spiked twist on a fall favorite? This one mixes green apple schnapps, sweet & sour mix, vodka (apple-flavored if you wish) and grenadine. If you want to simulate an apple-bobbing contest, you can take the shot with your hands behind your back.  

Autumn all-spice – If you could convert the feeling of diving into a pile of leaves into an alcoholic beverage, it would taste like Woodchuck “Fall” Hard Cider. Cinnamon, apple, and alcohol all in one.  Who says you can’t drink your way to heaven?

  • Note: If you are interested in something with a higher proof, pour pumpkin ale and CapMo spiced rum in your cup. To top off your libation, supplement with honey (either on the rim or poured directly into your mouth.)

Candy Corn Shots – Another adaptation of a sweet favorite, these are a Halloween classic.  To make your own candy corn shot, you need to pour elements of your shooter in order of density.  Start with a Mighty Mango Naked smoothie from BuDs, next pour Disaronno or another nut liqueur, and then top off with Vanilla vodka.

 2010-11 THEMED

TigerBlood – Charlie Sheen may be yesterday’s news, but he’s always been good for a nice alcohol-soaked shenanigan.  Find the eye of the tiger with a drink that taps into your feral side.  Make a Bloody Mary, using vodka and Bloody Mary Mix (or an enormous number of ingredients), then add olive juice and some olives.  Yes, the “eye of the tiger” requires growing a pair.

Mitt Romney – two things Mormons do not drink: caffeine and alcohol.  Why not put them together and make a concoction the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would abhor? In honor of a man known for flip-flopping on a number of issues, let’s create a drink that embodies the nature of internal conflict: to be stimulated or depressed? That is the question. **Mixing stimulant drinks with alcohol can have detrimental side effects and/or can exacerbate the effects of the alcohol.  If you decide to make this drink, please consume a smaller amount than you might otherwise.

  • Sweet Tart: Watermelon Smirnoff (shot) and Red Bull (chaser).  A more specific combination of energy drink and alcohol, this combines sweet and sweeter into a taste reminiscent of SweetTarts.

iPhone4s– Siri, the new software that makes the iPhone4s almost as good as the iPhone 5 we were all hoping for, takes the job out of your hands.  In honor of Siri, mix dark rum, Baileys and Kahlua, topped with dollop of whipped cream.  For people who own the white iPhone, go vodka, Kahlua, and vanilla soy milk, which can also be topped with whipped cream.  Put your hands behind your back, wrap mouth around the shot-glass, and take shot. Look ma! No Hands!

Too-Soon: When you wake up the morning after a night out, go into the room where you pre-gamed.  Absolutely every uncapped or unlabeled alcohol in that room is just one more memory to drink down as it all comes rushing back…or does it?  Pack an Advil for this one.

Techniques for Rimming: While also a relevant practice in Heather HotPants’ domain of conversation, I am referring to the act of dusting a glass rim with sugar or salt.  One way to do this is to pour the salt or sugar onto a small plate, allowing it to pile up so that the glass will sink into the crystals.  Take a slice of lime and rub it lightly around the rim, invert into the sugar or salt, and voila! You just did your first rim job.  This is an easy way to make any shot look more professional.

Drink Responsibly!
If a friend is “too drunk,” please call Brown EMS: 401-863-4111

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