BREAKING: Occupy Providence faces 72-hour deadline

Providence police told Occupy Providence protestors today that the encampment has 72 hours to leave the  site.

This afternoon, Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven M. Pare gave out eviction notices to Burnside Occupiers. The notices state that the park closes at 9 p.m., a rule that will soon be enforced by the city, according to the ProJo. The group originally refused to file for a city permit, claiming it did not want to set an expiration date for the Occupation.

So, what’s about to go down in 72 hours? Stay posted, y’all.

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  1. Lizbet

    How many students will be down there? Very few, they will attend lectures by teachers signing petitions who also will not be down there. Brown is, of course, very much PART of the problem of unequal wealth and an absolute embrace of Wall Street. Maybe Nelson from Providence Partners high above the dirty crowd might come on down, or maybe Steve A. Cohen wants to displat his rotting 8 mil shark or piss Christ for the other 99 percent. Well, i guess Brown students have to figure out their transexuality and have no time.

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