Playlistology: Halloweek Edition

Brace yourselves, Brunonia: Halloweekend is fast approaching. That means it’s time to stop planning and start partying. We’ve already helped out you Halloween party throwers and goers quite a bit, but so far one thing has been missing: da muzik. It’s what makes or breaks any party, and Halloween bashes are no exception. Here’s a rock-steady playlist of spooky classics that you’re sure to hear a lot of this weekend.


Ahh, Ghostbusters. The timeless flick that produced a classic costume choice and an even more classic song. If you’re like me and haven’t given the theme a good listen in a while, you’ll be surprised at its danceability. Even Ol’ Billy could get down to this one. 


I wonder what Halloween was like back in the ’50s… Probably a lot fewer slutty nurses. At least they had this Screamin Jay Hawkins staple. Over 50 years later and still every bit as entertaining.


Undoubtedly a favorite amongst Brown students, this choice cut from The RHPC speaks for itself. And to any man who has the guts to dress as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, I salute you.


Now that we are college students and Halloween has turned into a whole different, significantly more alcoholic monster, it’s pretty refreshing to revisit this classic we loved as kids. Bonus points to any DJ that makes a Monster mashup this weekend.

aaaaaaaandddd drumroll please….


…okay not really. Though I should have gotten my Werewolf Tracy Morgan costume together earlier… #halloweekregrets


This is the Halloween song. Hands down. But I’m sure you saw that coming. Watch the video for a refresher course on those dance moves. You’re pretty much guaranteed a chance to use them this weekend.

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