Time-waster of the day: October 28, 2011

Here at BlogDH, we like to provide you with fun, quick, insightful and/or useful time-wasters. Today’s selection is none of the above. It’s 89 minutes long. It boasts an 11% rating on the Tomatometer. And it stars Tyra Banks and Kevin from American Pie, so insight is, by default, impossible. What are you left with? Arguably the worst  Halloween movie in the franchise, available on Netflix Watch Instantly from the comfort of your underheated dorm room. It’s not that Halloween Resurrection sucks, but more that it still sucks in the realm of slasher films, in which its namesake is honored as one of the masterworks and even The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has some clout. In this laughably bad comedy horror film, a web-based reality show producer decides to send a group of attractive young people to the Strode house to experience terror incarnate (aka Busta Rhymes’ acting skills), but then a masked murderer shows up. Continuing a (not very) long tradition of sequels including the word “Resurrection” that absolutely suck, Halloween Resurrection is so bad it’s good, and since it’s peaking out at 41 degrees today, what else are you going to do?

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