Friendly Reminder: Preregistration Starts Tomorrow!

If you’re not out taking advantage of the last few hours of Halloween, you’re probably stalking your crush’s schedule looking at spring courses on that new CourseKick site.  Yep, it’s pretty cool, but you might have forgotten that within the next few days you actually have to register for four or five of those enticing-looking courses.  For seniors, preregistration starts bright and early tomorrow at 8am.  Juniors will register Wednesday morning, followed by sophomores on Thursday and freshmen on Friday (all also at 8am).  If you’re a .5’er, just round down — who really talks about anything by semester level, anyway?

Registration will be open until Tuesday, November 8th at 5pm, but don’t let the week-long window fool you.  Get into those important and capped classes now and save yourself the stress later — there will be plenty of time to find even more strange and interesting courses to shop when you’re procrastinating studying for your second round of midterms.

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