New online course tool lets you stalk friends and acquaintances

— so last decade?

CourseKick is a new course search website (just launched today!) that logs you in through Facebook, allowing you to see the classes your friends currently have in their CourseKick shopping carts. Read more about CourseKick, including upcoming new site features like a recommendations function, in today’s Herald.

While the site’s minimalism is pretty, it might be a little too sparse. Where’s the logo/header? Having a search bar immediately placed at the top is a little odd. Though we like that, like Mocha, it links directly to The Critical Review

But will people actually use it? If CourseKick were to become super popular (though I currently have only one Facebook friend linked to the site, so it’s got a ways to go), it could possibly change the nature of shopping period forever. Seriously. You know how you and a few friends always end up shopping a class in Obscure Department #3 because one person found it on Mocha, thought it looked semi-cool and then convinced everyone to check it out? Now, consider that same scenario amplified a hundredfold by college students’ addiction to the Blue Monster. Imagine, 500 students show up to HIST1031: The Viking Age because one dude thought he’d, like, maybe check it out.

And are people going to be super truthful about the course wishlists they list? Sorry, but I won’t tell you about the really awesome senior seminar I’m trying to get into because, well, I want to be one of the 17 seniors who actually gets in. I’ll probably just list a bunch of other decoy courses you’ll be fooled into shopping … Just joking. Maybe.

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