Time-waster of the day: October 31, 2011

Sorry Brown, but we haven’t quite gotten over our Halloween kick just yet. It’s time for one more go ’round, but this time we’re doing it Food Network style. For those of you who claim to be foodies (sorry, but adding chives to your ramen doesn’t make you the next Emeril), the name Sandra Lee should strike fear in your hearts. In her show Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cooking, Lee spends half an hour each day stumbling through various poorly-thought-out recipes for everything from Baked Potato Ice Cream to Kwanzaa Cake. Lee is known among food and cable TV aficionados alike as an embarrassment. Think the Sarah Palin of the Food Network.

Her most recent televised catastrophe — Sandra’s Halloween Wonderland — was highlighted on Gawker yesterday in a short video entitled “The Best Four Minutes of Sandra Lee’s Ridiculous Halloween Special.” It appears that Aunt Sandy may have, at long last, lost her battle with alcoholism. Yes, this is what “just a splash of vanilla vodka” can do.

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