Free Food Digest: November 1, 2011

Eat free or dine trying. Celebrate the start of November with some free dinner!


The Associates Program (TAP) at The Capital Group Companies Info Session
8 – 9:30 pm
Career Lab Library

Apparently “food will be provided,” but the form that food may take is as unclear as the purpose of this company.

Sex, Power … Good? 
7 pm
Salomon 101

This discussion panel — featuring free Taste of India — promises to include “students with various opinions about the party.” We’re only going if Bill O’Reilly is there.

Independent Study DUG Dinner
7:30 pm
Faunce Campus Center 229

“Don’t know what an IC, GISP, ISP, AI is?” this event asked in Morning Mail. We actually have no idea what AI is (other than that Haley Joel Osmont movie our parents wouldn’t let us watch) so maybe we should take advantage of the promised free dinner…

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